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The Keralloret Inn offers 11 rooms, one of which is adapted for people with reduced mobility (Ty Braz 1).

"Ty Huel 1" room

Room for one or two people, situated in the Ty Huel house. It has a small lounge which leads to the "Ty HUel 2" and "Ty Huel 3" rooms.


The "Ty Huel 1" room has a desk, a bathroom, a view over the garden and it has a separate entrance.


"Ty Huel 1" room

"Ty Huel 1" room

"Ty Huel 2" room

The "Ty Huel 3" room

Auberge de Keralloret

Culture and heritage

Some remarkable sites to visit just a few minutes from the Auberge de Keralloret :

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